Here are some of the great comments we regularly receive from our customers...


I rcv'd the SCQ last night and right out the box, they blew the AP out the water! Your description was right on the money, greater clarity, deeper
soundstage and extra layers of details that was lost in their "white paper" theory. I'm proof that theories don't always hold up, you have to audition and compare in your system. The AP in my system was a resistor, limiting all facets of the recording but the Q restored the natural ambiance, bite and cues associated with a live performance. I strayed off but I'm now back and can say that all of my cables are JPS.



First I purchased a Digital AC. Great to work with and 4 days after the order the cable was at my door. I was so happy with the results that I later bought the Power AC+ for my McIntosh integrated amp. I'm just calling to let you know how happy I am with your products and that for whatever reason these cords made a big improvement. Thank you, and keep up the good work!






I am sure that you get these kinds of emails all the time. But MY GOD YOU MAKE AWESOME CABLES!!!!!!!!! I now have all JPS in my set up and WOW!!!!! they are so incredable. The Power AC +, the Digital AC, the NC2's and my all time favorite and what made me the world biggest JPS fan the Superconductor 2 xlr interconnects. I mean I hear things I never heard before on cd's I have listened to all my life. Well I just had to vent about what you do so keep up the AWESOME job. One day when I can save a little I will try the Aluminata series but I just can't imagine anything sounds better than the superconductor line.

(Self proclamed world's biggest JPS fan)

Till Next Time

"Hi JPS,

I hope and trust all is well at JPS and with your families.
Over the last few years I have often wondered about your cables but never purchased any. After reading the review in Stereophile by Art Dudley [April 2007], I began to wonder again. I love Art, (in as much as a regular guy can love another regular guy he has never met) he seems to be a no-nonsense man who is secure in himself and his beliefs and what he hears from components, speakers, and cables... I trust his judgements. But, what really hit home the reply from Joe as it is by far the best reply ever to grace the pages of Stereophile or for that matter, any other publication. Joe, I love you, (in as much as a regular guy can love another regular guy he has never met) your reply was like poetry... especially the part about passing on the values of good music and components to the kids. I am trying to do the same with my 8 year old son Christian and my 5 year old son Aaron but on a smaller scale as we have only one HiFi in the house and the TV count is two. Keep up the good work in all that JPS brings to market and best wishes for a successful future."



I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the JPS power cords. They are beyond extraordinary – quite staggeringly good.

Putting in the two Digital ACs on Transport and DAC transformed my system, taking away so much of the hard edge and adding incredible detail, openness, fullness and flow to the music. Adding the Analog AC to the pre-amp a few days later brought more of the same, but on an even bigger scale. I already had a full set of modest but well-regarded after-market power cords and they made a subtle but worthwhile difference. But these three very reasonably-priced JPS cords transformed my system at a stroke – no need for A/B comparisons needed here. Pure happy grin from the word go, even before running in.

Then I put in the Aluminatas to feed the big Meridian power amps. When I first fired the system back up, I admit to wondering if I should have settled just for the Digitals and Analog. But just 15 minutes later, it was clear there was something very special going on. A few days later, the change is way beyond belief – without doubt the single biggest upgrade I’ve heard in any system I’ve owned in the last 20 years. Bigger than changing to serious power amps and bigger than upgrading the CD player. Jack, you ‘warned’ me, but I words can’t prepare you for the reality of what the Aluminata ACs do.

My electronics are getting on a bit and far from world class and I thought the new Merlin VSMs would always be held back. But the sound has leapt into a different league now. Every last trace of hardness and glare just melted away and drifted off to heaven. Tone filled out from being a little thin and dry to being rich, full and palpable. At the same time the music opened out dramatically, with much more musical detail and airiness that makes your hair stand on end. The sense of scale, both in weight and soundstage is incredible now. And what these things do to bass is like a drug – faster, more articulate, more tuneful and deep, deep, deep. You suddenly realise just how important bass is for carrying the music along and making it flow. These amps were never short of power, but I’d swear they have four times the grunt now – there is just so much more drive and sheer life to the music. Good recordings sound magically real, utterly absorbing and impossible to walk away from. I’ve lost a lot of sleep.

Even as a guy ‘converted’ to the value of good mains, I just can’t believe that power cords can do this. Nobody who loves music and has a serious system should ever buy new electronics before hearing what Aluminata ACs do. Joe, I’ve no idea how you make this stuff work, but it is truly, absolutely amazing.


Dear Joe,

It all started with an audition of a pair of Superconductor FX RCA interconnects (this was about three years ago). Today , my system is completely wired with JPS (interconnects, speaker cables & power cords). It is very difficult to explain with words the unbelievable improvements your "Worlds Finest Cables" did for my dedicated home theater but I'll do my best. I'd like to start off by saying that I have used many other "High-End" cable manufactures in the past assuming that what I was hearing & seeing was as good as it was going to get. Boy.... was I in for an intense awakening. Each time I added another interconnect & or upgraded to the next level of cabling I was blown away by the increase in resolution, depth, low frequency definition & impact, dynamics, spaciousness & pure smoothness form the highest highs to the lowest lows. As for "High Definition" (1080p24fps) film, the improvements were simply.. incredible.. a dramatic increase in resolution, depth, contrast, black level, overall picture smoothness (less noise), more natural looking colors & all of this was extremely impressive on a 110" diagonal screen with a viewing distance of 11 feet.  One thing that really surprised me was that all of these improvements were easily heard & seen with mid-level components! In fact, the improvements were so substantial that my initial consideration for purchasing "High-End" components was..... well.... no longer a consideration. 

I could try to use every adjective known to man in an effort to describe the phenomenal quality of audio & video performance one would hear & see but it would not do any justice for cabling of this caliber...  The only way is to experience it for oneself.

Joe.... Thank you so much for always taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer all of my questions & concerns with the up-most of sincerity. Your unprecedented level of knowledge  & customer service is second to none! 

Best Wishes Always 

I auditioned one of your 'Aluminata' pcs about 2 months ago....To say that it is a great pc would be an understatement, having in my system at that time 2 of the best my mind anyway... in the elrod 'statement' and the prana wire 'samadhi' I was not prepared for how much better a pc could be until I inserted the 'Aluminata' in my system. Initially from my scd-1 to my world power 'power wing' power conditioner.the improvement over the 'samadhi' that it replaced was nothing short of amazing.... I bought that one.... Next I tried one on my Goldmund 29-m amp and it again... bettered the basis audio pc I was at that time using. I bought another one.... Paul (The Cable Company) has graciously allowed continue to try the demo 'Aluminata' against other pcs in my system..most recently replacing the 'statement' pc I was using on my 'power wing' conditioner. Each time I add another one of the 'Aluminatas' it significantly improves what already is great sound and brings me closer to the goal I started with so many years ago....that of being able to create within my own listening envirnment a sonic experience that comes as close to a live event as is possible. The 'Aluminatas' are surely the pinacle of a price... but worth it. Thanks....



"Greetings JPS Labs.

Today I took delivery on the JPS Digital AC power cord.
I installed the cord into the back of my Audio Note DAC 1.2 turned on the 300B mono's and let the system cook on a medium volume while I took my 6 year old to soccer practice. When I made it home 3 hours later I grabbed a quick shower and went up to my loft which also doubles as my dedicated listening room.
I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. I started with the fine remastered Steely Dan Guacho CD where I was awe struck by the smoothest presentation of that recording I have ever heard. Instruments were floating in black space with the most pleasing tone I have heard from my digital front end. I usually spin this record in vinyl form and on Japanese MCA to boot on my Nottingham Spacedeck to get this kind of musicality. Well after adding the JPS Digital AC it was very close to the vinyl. I next put on the "Talk to me" sound track and was again mesmerized by the impact of the recording. Bass notes were so well controlled and extended that I could have been listening to a whole new system but it was mine. Subtle textures arose with beautiful tone revealed for the first time. Now I must confess that my Fostex based FE 166ES-R back loaded horn speakers are extremely musical and detailed with wonderful tonal qualities. But now they are easily improved by at least 40% I'm not kidding! I have tried for a long time to enjoy my CD's but have always been unable to listen for long periods of time, well those days are over.
Thanks for making my digital front end more like my analog front end, and just plain more musical!

McDonough, GA"

"Hi Joe,

I took your comments very seriously and tried to determine where the limitation in my system existed. After some experimenting with different BAM configurations, I concluded that the signal out of the tape loop was compressed, and had less resolution and bass response than when using the BAM connected directly between the 21A preamp and CD player. It was your IC that "unveiled" the problem.

As a result, I'm using one JPS IC (Superconductor FX) from the CD player into the BAM, and one from the BAM directly into the 21A. The results are night and day. Holographic is one word that comes to mind, with the Merlins all but disappearing...

Regards, Jay"

"Dear JPS,

I am now the owner of 2 pairs of Superconductor FX I/C's and a pair of
Superconductor+ Petite speaker cable.
I have the i/c's for some time now and only received the Petite yesterday so
I am only starting to break it in.
I just wanted to say, in a few words, how much I fell in love with your work.
These cables do things I never dared thinking cables do - what better
recommendation can one give?
I will equip all my friends with your work of art, even if they only go for
the budget UltraConductor, I'm sure they are amazing for the price too.
... I will definitely upgrade as soon as I can to the Superconductor2 I/C's and perhaps go for the bigger
Superconductor+ single.
You may use any part of this e-mail in your web-site or wherever as a
customer opinion and recommendation - I cannot mean every single word written
more than I already do!
Again - thank all the people working with you on the
worlds finest cables.... THEY ARE!
Kindest regards,

"Hey Joe,

I wrote you a short while ago about upgrading from an original Superconductor I/C to a SC 3.

As it happens I was looking for a bandaid without really knowing it. Changing amps to a GamuT (which has balanced inputs) to drive the Wilsons put me on the path to taming those bad boys.
When I bought the amp the dealer 'threw in' a GamuT balanced IC (which they use in their pro gear). The improvement the amp made was fundamental and I no longer
thought the system needed fixing. It sounded great, but...

On a whim the other night I thought I'd drag out my trusty Superconductor cable and try it on the amp hooked up to the single-ended inputs. To be honest I wasn't expecting much as these cables, with the previous valve amp, if anything made things sound worse. More on this later.

Ok heres the good part...

Joe, I gotta tell you the improvement was dumbfounding. Where to start? Actually, it was finishing up the listening session that proved difficult. I had intended to do the audiophile
thing and listen to a few cuts that I knew well, but instead listened into the early hours to whole albums that I had never sat through before. The next morning I was a little anxious cranking up the system, thinking the previous night may have been an aberration, perhaps the power on the grid was especially clean, perhaps the whisky was especially strong or maybe the planets just lined up.
I needn't have worried. The areas of improvement were quantum and across the board.

The overriding sensation was of having the sound supercharged and liberated from the speakers. Music seemed to exist independent of the playback chain. I have never experienced this before.

- The Wilson inverted dome tweeters were now recreating real brass cymbals which shimmered and rang, instead of generating high frequency hash that drilled through my brain.
- The tonality and body of instruments and vocalists was staggering real.
- Of course the bass tightened dramatically. I had expected this given my experience with your cables in my previous systems.
- Timing and PRAT went through the roof. Dense and complex Jazz rhythms now excited rather than fatigued causing outbreaks of impromptu 'air drumming'.
- And all with amazing smoothness. No edge. No hardness or glare.

Despite owning the original SC for over a decade and having used it off and on in various systems including Quad 57's, Lowther TP1 horns, valve, solid state etc I was unprepared for just how good
your cables are. In the past when inserted into a playback chain they always had an effect which tended to be unpredictable. Some areas improved while others seem to worsen. I now understand that the cables were just telling it like it is and laying bare any shortcomings or exaggerations elsewhere in the chain.

Mate, I realize as a business owner, email must be a chore and I apologize for the length of this one but just had to tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you...

Take care, Brian"

"Right now I am using a Digital AC on a CD seperate power supply (Flatcap 2x) ....

The last Analog AC cord that I received I put on my Preamp and kept it there. I was
amazed how much better it sounded over the (Granite Audio 555) Power Cord I was using.

While I writing this email I'm listening to the new DIN to RCA (Superconductor FX) on the Naim CDP and right out of the box it's fantastic...after 50 to 100hrs its going to be an amazing cable...

Kudo's Joe.....


"Hey Joe,    

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the AC line (JPS Power AC In-wall) I recently installed for my stereo. I wish I would have installed the dedicated line long ago. What a difference! I'm not going to start an adjective flow on the sonic improvement, let's just say I'm pretty blown away by the new sound. I will probably install a second line for my digital gear somewhere down the road, as I've heard that it's best to run digital separately.

Thanks!  Dave"

Dear Joe and company...

I had a nice discussion with you on the phone a couple of months ago. I was the person who used to live in Buffalo - and we were talking about the FX IC in my system. I orginally asked about the Ultra, but you stated with the equipment that I had (Martin Logan CLS, ARC, Plinius) that the FX should be the minium IC used, but the SC 2 would be best (but I stated that it was out of my budget range, so FX would be it...

Well I must tell you that I now own JPS FX Cables running from my CD/SACD to my ARC Pre (1 Meter) and a FX running from ARC Pre to my Plinius Amp. I really like the sound that your cables are giving me in my setup once they run for about 2-3 weeks - as the high end smooths out in that time and the bass tightens up a little. I was finally able to do some comparisons of a broke-in cable to a new one, as the 1 Meter had been running a month or so, when the new 2 Meter came in and I did my comparison between CD and Pre as my CD has two outputs. I really like that your cables out of the box are very close to their final sound as the biggest change I heard was the smoothing out of the high end. Again with my speakers (CLS) midrange is the strong point, and your cables really make the midrange shine!!!

What made me finally decide to purchase the JPS Labs Cable? The nice discussion I had with you on the phone explaining your cable, and the changes I would probably hear, and the time frame it would take for this to occur. You spent about an hour on the phone with me answering all my questions, and explaining things that I did not understand. Basically great customer service - which seems to be on a decline in the audio industry over the past 10 years or so. I hate to group people like this, but there just does not seem to be as good a customer service as there was in the past. I cannot explain it, but to me it has and still is occuring. That is why it was so refreshing to have the nice chat with you talking about your product. And I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Well, I will let you go, and thank you once again for your great customer service, and a great product for my setup and room. I am a great believer in your product...


"I own both the JPS Power AC and Digital,

Those are the only two commercial power cords that I have kept of all the ones I tried. All the other ones were replaced with DIY PC's. I have not been able to replicate or better the sound of the Power AC or the Digital. I recently let a friend try them out on his system. Couldn't wait for them to come back."


I enjoyed talking to you the other day and always appreciate your advice. I had the opportunity of comparing the Aud..... Power Chord with the Power AC+. (The Aud..... has many rave reviews and is roughly the same price as your Power AC+) I was surprised how much better your power cord was in my system. The highs were more pristine and the sound was much more alive to me. I sent the other cord right back!"



"Hi Joe,

Be glad I go a year or 2 between bombarding you. The bass is getting tighter! I think the SC2s transmit more powerful bass which caused me to pay more attention to the quality during break in. As good as my system was with the SC FXs, I am amazed how the SC2s go so much further in immediate life like realism! For example, cymbals which were excellent now are "you are there". Violin solos have new delicacy to the upper harmonics with real emotional appeal. Female voices have a new purity. Drums sound absolutely real. Woodwinds come through with a liquid textured authenticity. My Jazz is incredible (Jazz is my biggest musical obsession). The personalities of the artists are so much more apparent. I think when your audio system is as fine tuned as mine, a change like the SC2s is really appreciated.

Thanks again, Sheff"


I know your email box must be full of praise on your products but I wanted to drop you a line.

I am a mastering engineer in Houston. I have been fortunate enough to purchase some great gear over the years. After buying a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV, I looked into interconnects. Until now, I had my studio wired with Monster Studio Pro 1000 cable. I started wondering if I was missing something in my system.

Since I wanted to address my monitor path first, I switched out the connection between my D/A converter to my Bryston preamp with balanced Superconductor FX (still having the Monster from the pre to the amp). I noticed an immediate difference. Literally from the first note. Everything smoothed out dramatically and I noticed an overall increase in the speed of transients. After a couple of days of listening I called Galen to get a 20 meter balanced run of Superconductor FX to go from my pre to my amp. Switching out such a long run made a dramatic improvement. I gained a very audible separation and clarity. Everything continued to smooth out and I couldn't believe how distinctly I could hear the instruments working together. With the Monster, everything had just been mixed together.

Now I am looking forward to continuing the upgrade on my mastering components!

Bob B."

"Dear JPS,

My name's Enrico and I'm writing from Italy:nice to meet you! First thing I want to give my best compliments for your amazing products. I've tried Van Den Hul, Nordost, professional microphone cables but your ones are the best by far, in my opinion. I think that all you write in your advertisments it's only the truth! By the way all my hi-fi system is wired with your cables only: from the sockets to the final for the loudspeakers!..."

"Thanks Joe,
and thank you for such an excellent product. Everything from top to bottom
sounds absolutely perfect, and I especially appreciate the beautiful treble
reproduction. Cymbals are no longer weapons of mass destruction!
Bravo! Jon- Washington"

"I borrowed a dozen power cords from $100 to $349 over the past 4 weeks from the cable company.
They lend you the cables you wish to try and charge you 5%, redeemable at purchase.
I tried: Cardas (2 models)- Very colored, and soft.
Shunyata, JPS Labs, Custom power chord company, and Kimber PK-14 (regular and gold).
The Clear winner was JPS Labs for not adding color, putting things in focus, quiet background and especially allowing more air to be heard/felt.
I chose the model GPA: Only $149 each for 2 meters.
I think aftermarket power cords are essential to a good system.

Creek a43 amp
Creek t43 tuner
Cary 308 cd player
Sony DVD
B&W N804's


"Hi Joe... 

In combination, my enjoyment of the JPS cables I've
tried so far and you're excellent and friendly
customer service has convinced me that JPS Labs cables
will be mainstays in my system for some time to come.


"JPS... Thanks for getting the interconnect out so quickly...hooked it up and
was immediately greeted with a clarity I hadn't experienced before...our
guests from Australia also were most impressed...didn't have any trouble
bending the cable, but really appreciate your taking the time to discuss
that with far I have to agree with all I've read regarding your
product...I have personally never heard anything better and have tried a
few...must slow down a bit now as the exchequer has put a temporary halt to
my spending...look forward to moving into the speaker cables down the
road...I can honestly say that my system sounds better than ever I imagined
that it could! I have no qualms recommending your product to anyone and
giving it my highest praise.
Thanks again for all your help,


I just wanted to drop you a quick line and express my immense satisfaction with your products. My entire system is now cabled exclusively with JPS---SC2 interconnects; NC speaker cables; Digital ACs; and Kaptovator on my amp---and I couldn't be happier with my choice. In my estimation, a truly great audio product is one that does two things: (a) makes its owner so content that he/she has no desire to hear anything else; and (b) pulls a Claude Raines--caliber "vanishing act," leaving behind nothing but music. Your products meet both criteria in spades. Sure, there are any number of great cable manufacturers out there, but I've yet to hear one that strikes such a terrific balance of virtues across its entire product range. Regardless of price niche, your cables offer a degree of uncompromising value that I am thrilled to see. Let's hope more manufacturers---cable and otherwise---take your lead. 


---Andy has upgraded from Superconductor+ to our Superconductor 2 over time, along with adding our AC cords.

"Dear Joe,

I want to thank you for the extraordinary experience I just enjoyed with your new Aluminata power cable. After using it for the main line into my low level components (Levinson, Tri-Vista DAC, and Pass preamp), the entire system was brought to an entirely new level. Yes, I was aware of power cables and the sometimes magic they bestow upon our systems, but I wasn't prepared for that level of performance. I just sat there and giggled to myself and I have been playing with audio equipment for over 25 years! It was very exciting and enjoyable to hear what my components were meant to reveal... Keep up the good work!"



As a person whose livelihood depends on publishing unbiased
product reviews, I tend to be a very skeptical person.

That said, I want to congratulate you for your
Ultraconductor interconnects. I bought my first pair
recently and right out of the box they've delivered
significant improvement over the Terminator 2 cables
they are replacing.

At our magazine, which is now the world's largest computer
magazine, we put a premium on products that deliver high
value at a fair price. You've done just that with your
Ultraconductors and I plan on using a lot more JPS products
in my system.

Ramon  - Executive News Editor at a major personal computer
products magazine"

Your cables are excellent!!!! Very impressed with the way they work in
my system. A huge improvement over my Ca---- cables. Besides
the detail, imaging, and bass accuracy I was most impressed with the
clarity and cleanliness of the sound coming out of the speakers. I find
myself listening longer and at higher volume levels.
Definitely a bargain in todays market of overpriced cables! Needless to
say, I will not be returning these. Thank you (and Galen) for allowing me to
evaluate your cables in home with my own equipment. Add me to your list
of satisfied customers.
Looking forward to trying other cables from your line.
Thanks again, Bryan" - Iowa


Well, I've been using your Kaptovator AC cable on my Classe CA-301 amp for about a month now and wanted to take this opportunity to give you my impressions:

I first used the Power AC cable on the amp for two weeks (I had previously used it on my CAP-150 integrated amp), and found it superior to the Car--- AC cable the dealer provided. But when I switched to the Kaptovator, the improvement over both the other AC cable and even your fine Power AC cable was instantaneous and dramatic. What issued from my system was much cleaner sound, more detail, a more powerful but tight bass response, smooth yet dynamic midranges and highs, noticeably improved soundstaging and imaging, more speed and dynamic punch. How, I ask, can a 6 foot AC cable do so much when it serves as the interface between a good amp and yards and yards of cheap Romex cabling in the walls of my house? Curious, I switched back to the other cord and lost almost all the improvements, switched to the Power AC and regained some by no means all of them, then returned to the Kaptovator and have stuck by it ever since.

You've got a great product with the Kaptovator... I now have an all-JPS Labs system: Kaptovator AC cable to my amp, your Digital AC cable to my CD player, Superconductor 2 single-ended interconnects between the CD player and the preamp (which I will eventually upgrade to the Superconductor 2 balanced interconnects), Superconductor 2 balanced interconnects between my preamp and amp, and your superb Superconductor 2 speaker cables to my reliable old Infiniti's. Thanks for continuing to provide us with innovative new products that significantly improve upon already excellent ones. I will continue to extol the virtues of your world-class cables to friends and audio dealers alike.


"Dear JPS,

Mike Burns from Audio Alternative here. I received the 2 pairs of Super 2 interconnects last Friday and have been falling in love ever since. The break-in period has been short and well worth it. I am getting wonderful imaging from my Meadowlark Herons. This is a speaker that normally images well. With the Super 2's, the image is much wider, deeper and the well defined bass has caught up with the mids and highs in a coherent flow of beautiful music. I recently resurrected a pair of Daytom Wright XG-8 Mark III electrostatic full range speakers. I am now running the Super 2's from CD to pre and pre to power with the Daytons at the end of the chain. I love the speed AND intimacy of these cables. They keep up with the lightning (no pun intended) fast transients without taking away from the emotional qualities of the tube amps I am running. Another mention: VTL amps and pre-amps love this stuff. Thank you so much for the cables, High End has needed a product like this for along time."

(Audio Alternatives is a JPS dealer based in Atlanta, GA. One of their salesmen, Mike, had purchased our cables for his own personal use and emailed us regarding his experience.)

I have used a number of JPS cables and I would like to state that
I have not found ANY cables at ANY price point that beat JPS
cables in correctness of presentation. I would really like to meet you
and shake your hand. Thanks mate.


"Wow, what a difference JPS Labs Superconductor speaker cables and the interconnects made to my system. Everything sounds so clear and accurate... I have tried Nor--- Red D---, Trans------(----- wave+), Aud-- Tr---, and Car---. Nothing sounds like JPS Labs."

Sam - Chicago

"Can't say enough about these speaker cables.
Give these guys a try, they will do wonders to your system."

Bob - Illinois

"These cables are easily comparable to the best on the market, and at a much lower price.

In my system, they connect Atma-sphere M60 mk. 2 amps and Merlin VSM-SE speakers... The JPS cables permit the quality of these two exceptional products to be heard.

Give them at least 150 hours to break in. After that, just sit back and enjoy!"

Jerry - Colorado

"BEST CABLE. You can hear things you never heard before... I have changed from Transp--- top line (which are actually very good, but pricey) to JPS Superconductors 2 which outperform any, I say ANY cable on the market."

Dominik - Switzerland

"These revolutionary interconnects are not comparable to the best. They are the best in my opinion!! Have listened to the Mon---, Transp---, Ki---, Puri---, Car---- and they are not as resolving of the tonality of instruments. Detailed, yet liquid as well, deep excellently defined bass, what more can one ask ? It's cheaper than the best-known interconnects...   Not as stiff as you think. 6-stars !!"

JR - Singapore

"Dear JPS,

This message is NOT exaggeration. Tonight for the first time ever
I heard EVERYTHING recorded on a favorite CD. I have listened to this CD
many times before on this system, but tonight instead of listening through
the speakers, I put on my Sennheiser HD-600 headphones. It doesn't get any
better than this! And the reason for the experience is your regular
Superconductor interconnects. I am amazed. I had listened to the HD-600's
before purchasing your interconnects and speaker cable and the details were
not evident like tonight. THANK YOU for turning my "little system" into one
which I would put up against ANYTHING ELSE out there and make people angry that they spent so much money needlessly. I wish you could hear what I mean.

A Ultech CD-100 CD player into a Bryston B-60 integrated amplifier via your
interconnects, and into the HD-600's. This places you in the studio during
the recording session. If you ever get the opportunity to listen to this
system, don't miss it. Enough said. I am now saving for your Superconductor 2 speaker cable and interconnect for my "big rig". Can't wait.
Sincerely, Lyle"


As an Informations Systems professional, I have been immersed in Total Quality and Continuous Quality Improvement efforts for more years than I care to count. While buzzwords come and go, the two guiding principles that always rise to the top are in the area of customer and quality advocacy. While I may not understand how you operate JPS Labs, I can say that my interactions with you and my review of your cables leads me to conclude that these principles serve you as well. Kudos to you!

With respect to your cables ... I can only wish that your stock was being publicly traded ;-). I suspect that if and when the major rags get an opportunity to review them, the floodgates will open up.

In the meantime, I wish you the best of success. Thanks again!


"The JPS Superconductor speaker cable is the finest I have heard in my system. They clearly better other high end cables and in not so subtle ways. There is a remarkable wealth of detail presented without distortion or edge. The bass is extremely articulate. Dynamics are rendered naturally, with great ability to cover the full range of dynamic contrasts. What the cables really seem to do is eliminate any sort of smearing of the signal that causes a loss of fine detail. There really is space between the notes, and these cables may make you aware of it for the first time. Very highly recommended. My current speakers are ProAc Response 1sc's. They really shine with this cable."


"Both the Superconductors are worthwhile listing to. As always with cables
they must 'fall into place' but these cables I've heard on different systems
and my overall rating is 5 stars!
What is evident is the soundstage. Every instrument has its defined place
and clearness. I wish that recordings sounded like JPS!"

Frank- Amsterdam

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