SUPER BLUE HDTV Digital/Video cable

JPS Labs offers very high quality wire solutions in our SUPER BLUE line of cables for tomorrows growing demand for quality custom home audio/video theater installations.

Following in our tradition for producing The Worlds Finest Cables, SUPER BLUE allows for tremendous dynamic audio impact coupled with very natural and resolving audio and video. Our cable designs are uniquely optimized for their intended use, making each cable the best they can be in its price class and beyond.

Our finest Super Blue 2 in-wall rated speaker cable!        

By using the finest materials and the latest design technology, our SUPER BLUE cables will consistently allow all of your components in the system to perform at their best. Your choice of cables is critical to really enjoying your finished system, and is instrumental in avoiding possible unforeseen problems along the way. Please ask for JPS Labs fine cable products before your walls are closed for good. The incremental added cost is well worth the peace of mind!


14 gauge UL/CL3 rated...

SUPER BLUE Professional Grade Speaker Cable - Excellent performance for the money! Available with 2 or 4 conductors.

UL/CL3 rated 12 AWG, and then some... 

  SUPER BLUE 2 Audiophile Grade Speaker Cable - Finally, an audiophile grade in-wall UL rated cable! 2 conductors only



  1. Will your choice audio cables allow your system to perform at its best in considerably longer runs than what is typically used in a traditional 2 channel system? Will a voice sound like a real voice, or like a muffled AM radio station?

  2. Are they designed to allow even multi-thousand dollar loudspeakers to sound their best with excellent frequency extension of both low bass and the highest highs?

  3. Were they also designed at the same time to reject noise, hum, and RFI, which can even effect speaker cable performance in long runs (basically long antennae), and cause unpredictable and audible side effects within the amplifier.

  4. Can they be considered good enough for even the most discerning audiophile to appreciate, or will the cable work 'just fine' according to your electrician?

  5. Do your in-wall wiring products have the proper UL ratings (and made in the USA where strict adherance to specificiations is maditory) to meet local building and fire codes, and to pass inspection?

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All SUPER BLUE products are UL rated for use for in-wall as well as out-of-wall installations in the USA. As always though, please check with your local electrician or builder to make sure there are no special requirements for your particular installation or area. Minimum lengths may apply. SUPER BLUE is a trademark of JPS Labs. 

Since 1990, we provide the highest quality advice, products, and service available.

Products engineered and made in the USA.

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