At JPS Labs, we don't only make great audio cables, we find only the best dealers and distributors to help you find what you are looking for, not only in cables but for the best systems possible. We encourage you to call us or visit one of our dealers to learn more about JPS Labs and how our products make a difference.

Use our Dealer search engine below for your closest dealer. Where there is no local dealer the finest is listed to assist you over the phone. If you cannot locate a dealer, please contact us here.

Ask our dealers about special pricing on select JPS Labs products !!!

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You may also contact JPS Labs us in the USA

Tel +1 (716) 714-5710

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Email info@jpslabs.com

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JPS Labs

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We're always looking for quality dealers and importing distributors to help our customers and keep up with demand. If you have an interest in selling one of the hottest cable lines in the world with years of consistent, earned praise, please contact us for more information.

Since 1990, we provide the highest quality advice, products, and service available.

Products engineered and made in the USA.

Tel +1 716-288-9112   Email info@jpslabs.com

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