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JPS Labs AC Power Cables

The Kaptovator Lite - Super High Resolution Power Cable

kaptovator lite

The Kaptovator Lite brings the ultra-high resolution of our reference AC cords to lower power components. Based on our very popular long-term reference Kaptovator AC cable that's every bit a reference today as when it was designed over 15 years ago, Kaptovtaor Lite focuses on the needs of your high-performance preamp, DAC, CD or BluRay player, and smaller amplifiers, particularly tube amps and headphone amps. This cord greatly improves clarity, dynamics, and transient response and promises to dramatically raise the performance of any component it empowers. All new Wattgate Evo connectors sonically and visually compliment this highly refined cable.

NEW!!! PAC Black Power AC Cable - Big Power for Modern Amps

PAC Black is a very large but flexible AC cord made specifically for the high power demands of any amplifier or receiver, or to deliver unhampered AC power to the entire system when used with line conditioners (although it works quite well on tube preamps).

PAC Black will allow your amp to do its work way down LOW, bringing out an articulated low frequency bass response from your system, while opening a window to all the small, delicate, lifelike nuances of music, all in a well balanced, very natural way.

Wattgate Evo AC plug (Euro schuko and UK also available) and IEC plug at the equipment end top off the PAC Black power cord. Our cable experience and universal praise in so many different systems places JPS on the top of most any manufacture's short list of the best cables to use if you seek true to the source music, rhythm, and soul.

digital ac

THE DIGITAL AC -X is an excellent cable for any digital based component, creating a smoother, more "analog environment" for audio and video. Uniquely engineered specifically for the elimination of digital based noise, it very effectively eliminates what we call digititis, the harshness and background noise present and very difficult to remove in all digital sources. Most all devices that plug into a wall outlet act as noise sources creating an invisible shower of high frequency energy causing sophisticated electronics to error and perform well below their capabilities. Even the finest audio and video component's generate noise, limiting themselves of fine detail and resolution.

Using advanced engineering, THE DIGITAL AC-X effectively ISOLATES and ABSORBS any noise within the cord itself for over a 100 fold decrease, allowing any quality digital component to provide amazingly real inner detail and resolution while offering smoother sound and video. THE DIGITAL AC-X is a proven universal winner for nearly 20 years. It's forward thinking design offers universal improvement on any quality digital based lower power equipment including CD, Blu-Ray, SACD, or DVD player, DAC, transport, or computer server (receivers must have the larger Power AC, Kaptovator, or Aluminata AC cables). It also allows for a more lifelike picture when used with a projector, DVD player, flat screen TV's, or any other digital based quality video component which will accept a detachable IEC style AC cord.

THE DIGITAL AC-X will also keep other components clean on the same circuit, and when used on a computer or music server will contain all of that processor noise within the cord.

Any digital audio component will respond with greater resolution and a more 'human' output to your ears or eyes. THE DIGITAL AC-X is the most significant improvement that can be made to the origin of your signal.



jps labs pac lite

PAC Lite ™ AC Cable

The PAC Lite brings the high quality performance results of our more expensive AC cords within reach for those who wish to step up to a higher level. As with any long-term company and it's designs, JPS' engineering trickles down to provide exceptional results for less.

A large 10 AWG cable with quality Wattgate connectors offers amplifiers and larger receivers more breathing room, preamps and players a quieter path, subwoofers better able to keep step with the smaller faster front channel loudspeakers, AC line conditioners a greater ability to raise the performance of an entire system, and more. A highly universal design, PAC Lite will increase available resolution, speed, and low level detail retrieval of any component it is connected to. Try it and hear what an AC cable custom engineered for high resolution audio and video can really do for your long-term enjoyment!


One of our Finest long-term Reference AC Cables !!!

JPS Labs Kaptovator AC

The KAPTOVATOR AC cable allows for the highest resolution possible from your high quality component. This cable, designed by JPS with materials unlike any other cable, allows any component to offer all it is capable of by perfectly interfacing it to the AC outlet without absorbing or limiting power, and without imposing its own sonic character on the connected component as even the most expensive of AC cords will do. THE KAPTOVATOR flushes out amazing bass definition and real life accuracy to music and video reproduction to a point where you realize after all these years how limiting any other means of supplying power to your high-end components has been.. there is no going back.
What can be expected from a Kaptovator is amazing realism to music from the highest highs to the lowest lows. THE KAPTOVATOR is honestly one of the best upgrades you can make to any great system component, second only to the absolute finest in AC delivery, THE ALUMINATA Reference AC Cable.
You would be quite amazed at how close we can get to the original source with vocals and the natural decay of instruments into space. Plug and play, you are there...

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The World's Absolute Finest Power Cable


Aluminata AC

Click here to discover the Aluminata Reference Series of cables by JPS, designed for those who desire and can afford the Very best.



Power AC In-Wall cable

The world's first and only high-end AC cable made specifically for dedicated lines from your breaker panel to your room, outlet to outlet, or wherever there is a need for very low noise, high quality audiophile and videophile grade power AC cabling to run your 2 channel audio, custom home theater, or studio system.

Our custom high-end Power AC In-wall cable is a 10 AWG (5.27 mm2), specified for use in supplying high-quality, noise rejecting, non-current limiting AC power while enhancing audio or video quality beyond standard commercially available cable. Its Optimized Field Matrix (OFM) construction allows it to inherently reject noise, allowing the ultimate in subtle details, while it's shear size supplies the high power demands of the largest of amplifiers and systems. This cable was designed to allow any system to perform to its highest potential with total resolution.

Length is no object...
 Available in any length

Specifications are easily met at 30 amps with heavy duty 600 V, UL® and CSA, 105 C rated, 2 x 10 AWG (5.27 mm2) current carrying conductors, plus ground (3 conductors total). Outer diameter is approx. 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) overall but flexible and easy to install. This unique AC cable noticeably improves performance and resolution in any quality installation Specify and install JPS Labs Power AC In-Wall cable to supply power into your critical audio or video room, recording studio or editing room for the finest possible results. Do it once, right!


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duplex outlet
JPS Duplex Wall outlet (Made in USA)

JPS provides high quality duplex receptacles for the finest connection to your high quality AC cords! Hospital grade, ground isolating with high-tension polished nickel plated contacts for long term minimal power loss and resistance. These very high quality outlets simply allow for an excellent connection at the wall with a tight grip on your wall plugs. Rated at up to 20 amps, they offer an excellent long-term interface for your AC cords. These outlets will also accept our Power AC In-wall cable above, and provide 4 pairs of rear pockets each with a screw tightened clamping mechanism for the best possible connection to your wiring.


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Safety is key when it comes to AC power, and we take yours seriously. JPS Labs has set procedures for each and every AC product's assembly for consistent results from cord to cord and long-term durability and life. Most of our AC products have UL and CSA ratings, and all are designed and spec'd to exceed such safety ratings. All of our AC cables are safely insulated for international voltages. Finished products are professionally assembled, tested, then factory sealed by skilled technicians using high quality preset torque tooling and precision temperature controlled high recovery soldering stations to set guidelines and meticulous processes developed and refined over the years by JPS Labs.

All genuine JPS Labs AC products are assembled in the USA by JPS Labs. In order to insure your safety, we do not recommend that any modification be made to any JPS Labs AC power product unless done by JPS Labs at our factory in the USA. Connectors, plugs, and materials were chosen not only to maximize performance but to also provide long life without failure or the need for repairs with normal use and operation. We take pride in our work, and it shows!