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Our Cable Design Philosophy

JPS Labs produces a line of cables which have an absolute neutrality never before heard, even beyond the most expensive and exotic cable designs available to date.

The purist design of The Superconductor cables will allow you to hear everything you have been missing. The Superconductor is the result of many years of experimentation in cable design. Each hand-assembled cable will transfer an audio signal almost flawlessly due to its simplistic yet unique construction.

The wire used in our designs is a proprietary, non-ferromagnetic, solid core composite alloy wire, Alumiloy®. Alumiloy cleanly transfers audio frequencies and up better than any other conductor available. Extensive testing has proven that this proprietary alloy has superior qualities to copper, silver, gold, or any combination of these materials, in terms of bandwidth, dynamic range, and spectral clarity in time. JPS rewrote the book and created a unique conductor to allow for maximum clarity without the veiling even the purest silver and copper conductors have in the mids and highs, and a faster bass region with greater impact than anything you have ever heard. We are the only cable manufacturer in the world who works with their own patent-pending conductor materials. We start from scratch to design from the inside out!

The insulating dielectric materials consists of the finest available individualized for each application. Years of testing proved that dielectric absorption and inherent capacitance, among many other parameters, effects not only the tonality of the cable but also the low level detail in your music, where the life essence resides allowing an emotional connection to the artists.

The next step in making one of the best cables in the world was to perfectly shield our special center conductor from all forms of external noise. Our Superconductor cable designs offer measured and unprecedented noise rejection, many times more than other companies can only claim to do. Having the best shield and cable geometries in the industry are absolute necessities for your high-end audio equipment with the proliferation of noise sources in today hi-tech electronics and wireless devices. Even your own audio gear contains microprocessor-based electronics radiating tons of digital noise. A majority of audio cables act as antennae for this noise, sending RF and digital hash into your electronics and causing unpredictable and very audible side effects.

Listening tests have proven that such noise introduced into a resolving system covers up the very small details that we perceive as real music, and can add an edge or grain to the sound which at first may appear to be sparkling highs, but later becomes fatiguing and non-enjoyable, not natural. Imagine what a lack of background noise can do for your music in terms of inner detail and dynamic range. JPS truly are the world's most quietest and 'true to the source' cables.

The design of our cables keeps any cable interactions to a negligible amount, and prevents a spectral imbalance, or a ringing, particularly at very low or high frequencies. Their very low resistance values also contribute to a total lack of cable interaction, hence the trademark 'Superconductor'.

Terminations were designed to allow for a direct, positive, hand-soldered connection of the terminating wire to the cable, with a minimum gap at the termination points. This careful planning, as opposed to just any connection, allows for the full advantage of the cable to be heard. Special solder alloys and methods were adopted from many years of experience to mate with our cables and squeeze every last ounce out of these unique designs.

By minimizing all interactive components, and maximizing positive contributing factors, JPS Labs provides the best cables available at any price. The above features are incorporated into all of our lines of interconnects and speaker cable for a perfectly matched system. Each addition of any JPS Labs cable will consistently give great results throughout your system. Their values will be maintained well into the future, making these the cables of choice for those who do not wish to worry about such a simple yet very important factor in designing a system to last a lifetime.


The Worlds Finest Cables...TM