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JPS Labs Review Quotes


"At the end of the day, all I can say is that the Aluminatas are, without a doubt and by a significant margin, the best audio cables I've used."

Art Dudley - Stereophile Magazine - The Aluminata Series

"Rather than hearing the cables, I felt as though I was hearing at an absolute level what my components are actually capable of - and that's a truly thrilling experience. I mean, this is why we got involved in high-end audio in the first place and what the ultimate pay-off should be - a more compelling, involving, all-encompassing immersion in the experience of music."

John Potis - - The Superconductor 3 Series

"The Aluminata Series of cables belongs to the high-end, hi-performance category, which they share with few other players. I feel that JPS has succcessfully produced a cable that is made for the equipment I like to listen to- that's high resolution audio with the appropriate repsect for the music."

Ernie Fisher - The Inner Ear Magazine - The Aluminata Series

"At the very least, we all owe a tip of the hat to Joe Skubinski at JPS Labs for taking the effort to develop this wire, and making the financial commitment to bring it to the marketplace. This wire opens up a whole new category of cable and is a very significant contribution to the enjoyment of recorded music. Hopefully it will find homes on both the recording and playback sides of the fence."

Rick Becker - - USA - Power Ac In-wall Cable

"The Kaptovators belong on anyone's short list when auditioning power-line components regardless of type or cost. Are the Kaptovators too expensive for the sound improvements offered? No. Far too many audio enthusiasts move through component upgrades like water... I am confident that if consumers take AC delivery seriously enough to explore a variety of the best AC cords, both expensive and not, they may be surprised at how clean, dynamic and pure their present equipment really is. Now how much money would that save?"

Grant Samuelsen - Soundstage! - 'Kaptovator' AC Cord

...for some reason or another, this power cord allows a component using it to delve deeper into the harmonic structure of the sound more completely than I've ever heard before it. And while sounding more complex, there is absolutely no congestion, actually there is more order as what you hear starts to mimic the harmonic structures heard in the non-recorded world.

Martin DeWulf - Bound for Sound Magazine - USA - The Kaptovator AC Cable

"The sound was more open—this time a bit bigger, too—with an easier, more natural sense of movement from note to note. As a bonus, when I switched over to the JPS power cord- I was startled by the sound of someone's sheet music hitting the floor 34 seconds into the first movement."

Art Dudley - Sterophile Magazine - The Digital AC Cord

"It's hard to believe that I've gone from a wire is a wire to even considering the idea that a [power] cable can be explicitly designed for analog or digital components... In an area of audio where I think the most deceit and profiteering is taking place, it's nice when you can identify a company or two you can trust. I, for one, am glad to add JPS Labs to that list.

Many thanks go to JPS Labs for giving me the opportunity to grow in an area in which I was in the most need of experience. I've truly learned from this one."

Kelly - Headphone Hi-Fi - Superconductor FX Interconnects, Analog AC Cord, GPA AC cord

"The JPS Labs Ultra Conductor proves that you don't need to make any sacrifices in order to achieve an envious level of musicality and emotion. At $200 per pair, the Ultra provides a laundry list of sonic benefits with a reasonable price tag.  It wasn't hard to justify its placement into my budget reference system, and it continues to challenge all cable newcomers in the audio small cap value category. Combining top-flight sonics and hand-craftsmanship, there is no reason why any audiophile shouldn't give this cable an audition. So go home, hook up some Ultra to your system, and get in touch with your emotions."

Gregory Kong - Planet Hi-Fi - UltraConductor Speaker Cable

"WOW! I immediately heard better dynamics, clarity, and detail. You want more, you gotta pay for it! Cables are the most system dependent components, but in my system at least, JPS wire has proven to be consistently very good. Mr. Skubinski's passion for his craft has paid off in the Superconductor FX. I know that a pair is going to become a permanent fixture between my amps and preamp. Very much recommended!"

Francisco Duran- Positive Feedback Online - Superconductor FX Interconnects

"The fact that the JPS Labs' UltraConductor fits any composition of devices is very favorable.  The UltraConductor can be easily connected with the best High-End devices.  And I really appreciate that.  I would say, only God and Joe Skubinski know what the reason for this is, I deduct it is the unique [Alumiloy] alloy; at least I do not know to ask any other "why's" to come up with any different answer."

Milan Cernohorsky - AMP magazine - Czech Republic - UltraConductor Speaker Cable

"The JPS Labs Superconductor+ cables are simply one of the best speaker cables we have ever heard. I have listened to cables costing nearly 3 times the price of the Superconductor+ but none of them has ever revealed this much detail into the music. Add them with the superb terminations and this is undeniably one of my favourite speaker cables. Highly recommended !"

Terry Kok - Hi-Fi Extreme of Singapore - Superconductor+ Bi-wire

"If I had said that the JPS cables have a smooth and detailed sound, I'd be half right. They are very smooth yet detailed, very open sounding, and above all, very musical...The tonal balance was rock solid. Detailed musical queues were in abundance but never fatiguing, making images sound natural."

Dave Clark - Audio Musings Magazine - USA- Superconductor+ cables

"...the look on my friends face when I unplugged his amp and the Blue Angel from the JPS Outlet Center and went direct to my wall socket. His jaw dropped as the soundstage collapsed, and his guitar signal grew appreciably boxier, with less detail, openness, and extension. "It's so depressing," he moaned, in dull disbelief. "We just went back to mono."

Chip Stern- JazzTimes Magazine - USA - Power AC

"...when I put the cables into the home theatre system they appeared to shift up in the performance stakes a notch or two. Bass was stronger, the sound stage wider and the performance warmer and more involving. I didn't expect quite such a change, especially when involving just the two front channel speakers, but in this game I have learned that surprises lurk around just about every sonic corner."

William Kelly - AVSA Magazine - South Africa

"Nothing about this improvement could be called subtle. Furthermore, in terms of the price increment to add this cord, it is almost inconsequential when looking at the total price. The bass weight improved immensely -- it was as if the woofers grew an inch. Bass frequencies were not just deeper, they were tighter and detail improved to an impressive degree too. Overall dynamics were improved so that the music had better focus and slam. Instruments had better speed and precision, drums more visceral impact and guitar a slightly more razor-sharp feel. Soundstaging also improved, with an increase sense of spaciousness that contributed somewhat to depth, as well as an improvement in image specificity and solidity. It was as if the amplifier opened up...its consistent performance benefits and overall good value make the Power AC the first power cord to receive a SoundStage! Reviewers Choice rating."

-- Doug Schnieder - Soundstage! - 'Power AC' Cord

"The compatibility with various components is outstanding as the interconnect's sonic signature was maintained throughout all listening tests. This is smooth sounding cable which maintains its graceful flow of information within its audible frequency spectrum. There isn't one note out of tonal alignment or equilibrium..."

-- The Inner Ear Report Magazine- Canada - UltraConductor

"The JPS Labs Power AC Outlet Centers contain no extraneous electronic doo-dads, and eliminated a heretofore unknown source of grunge, distortion, and veiling -- the clarity and resolution of my entire system improved immeasurably because I could now confer the sonic benefits of clean power (extended low-end slam, clean midrange articulation, and sweet, transparent highs) to all of my components, whether they employed integral power cords or were equipped with high-end custom power cords."

-- Chip Stern - USA - Stereophile Magazine

"With female voices the performance is simply outstanding: it seems that our favorite singers have paid us a visit into our listening room.
The breath, the vibratos and the feeling of their voices is very, very close to the real live experience, so that you can tell exactly when they grasp for breath and when they open their lips to sing.
Don't think this means a razor sharp kind of performance. No way! Imagine it as the most natural performance possible."

Lucio Cadeddu - TNT Audio of Italy - Superconductor 2 interconnects

"All amp/speaker system combinations revealed the Superconductor's imaging proficiency and resolving caliber. This is great cable, but its ultimate performance depends on back-up electronics and loudspeakers chosen for the system.... No doubt the cables tendency toward sonic neutrality is apparent."

--The Inner Ear Report Magazine- Canada

"…how incredible it is to hear an audio system with the wire induced dynamic limitations removed. The second thing that one notices is the immediate lack of tonal blurring from one note to the next… The end result is music that simply sounds more like real music…

JPS is one of the finest interconnects available at any price. "

–Martin G. DeWulf- Publisher- Bound for Sound Magazine

"The soundstage changed in a manner I can only describe as "relaxing". By this I mean that the sound field seemed to expand slightly, images became more 3-dimensional, ambiance increased, and everything seemed distinctly more natural, if a bit less "hi-fi"... ...The JPS cables proved competitive with - sometimes superior to - other cables costing two and three times the price."

--Bruce Kinch- Positive Feedback Magazine - USA

"It seems to work in every system, with every amp, and with every speaker I’ve tried it with... Isn’t that the way a near perfect conductor should act?... It simply conducts the energy in a fashion that is as perfect as I’ve had the opportunity to hear. It’s as simple as that."

--Martin G. DeWulf- Publisher- Bound for Sound - USA

"Hats off; we all agreed that the cable boasts workmanship par excellence...The SC resolves bass information down to where the loudspeakers quit. When a full range pair of loudspeakers are employed, bottom-end resolution is beyond expectations... full-bodied, space/time coherent and resolving throughout the audible frequency range."

--Ernie Fisher- Editor- The Inner Ear Report Magazine- Canada

"You don't know how good your cables really are, do you?"

Bobby Palkovic- Merlin Music Systems

"Hi Joe:
Put your power cords into my system the other night and listened to my Grado
RS-1s over the Mesa Tigris which is a very fine headphone amp. Bloody damn, it didn't sound like the same amp. To call the improvement subtle would be lying, and I realize these cords will probably go thru an extended break-in period. Good headphones can often tell you things faster and better than speakers
because the room is out of the picture, and because you're dealing with a lower level signal. I gotta hand it to you, Joe..."

--Srajan- Mesa Engineering - Manufacturer - USA

"I haven't found a downside to this JPS cabling...If high-end audio has a musical justification, then it has to be exactly here..."

--Tom Davis- Associate Editor - Positive Feedback Magazine - USA

"The only other occasion I heard neutrality- as if no cable existed between components- was with the Van den Hul First, but that cable did not focus or have the dynamics of the JPS Superconductor. There is better extension at both frequency ends and a midrange that is so palpable and liquid that you instantly fall in love with it… the JPS Superconductor represents a giant leap towards achieving the goal of audio nirvana."

--Leon Pereira - Editor - Audio Video Singapore Magazine

"They’re far more transparent than any other cable I’ve tried and are able to deliver all the music your equipment has to offer. If you’re about to buy something else and haven’t listened to the JPS stuff, you are potentially throwing your money away."

--Marc Mickelson - Contributing Editor - Soundstage!

"Oh, do I like these interconnects!…You want quiet? You want high frequency extension?

You want a recreation of the original event? You want a total lack of smearing and haze?

These interconnects let all the information through, so much so that it can be scary at times…"

--Martin G. DeWulf - Bound for Sound Magazine - USA - The Superconductor

*** I would like to personally thank the above reviewers and their associated publications for their time and effort in auditioning, reviewing, and publishing articles on our cables.

Thank You,

Joe Skubinski - President ***

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