Alumiloy® Proprietary Conductor

High Performance Wire

Alumiloy, the registered trademark of the proprietary conductors used in most of JPS Labs finished audio cable designs, consists of ultra-pure metals and other elements in a patent-pending composite conductor material. Many years of working with such materials led JPS on a path of defining and refining conductors unlike any other available, with noticeably better response characteristics allowing for the natural reproduction of audio and it's dynamic range. Alumiloy wire allows JPS to create a breed of cables from the inside out with unique characteristics that better fits the needs of the consumer electronics industry and of its customers. 

 Alumiloy excels in clarity and resolving ability, particularly in critical more demanding applications as in recording studios, or any system requiring high performance audio, where the cables ultimately decide the limit of the equipment's performance. Most cable and wire place huge limitations on performance, while many more costly designs tend to tailor or adjust the sound, making a component's reponse more like the wire rather than what it was engineered to be.

JPS approached the needs of the many from another angle in developing Alumiloy, providing a now well proven conductor material that (in their 20+ years experience and opinion) is functionally superior to other conductors, both in terms of dynamic range and very low level response and clarity. Long-term studies show the very high purity materials JPS uses in manufacturing stand up against the test of time with no degradation as the cable ages, allowing for a timeless expression of what any long-term brand should be known for- Products that always continue to perform regardless of their vintage.

JPS cable designs with Alumiloy wire offer sound that is considered 'ironic' in the cable world, clearer and more dynamic, yet smooth, natural, and extended at both high and low frequencies, and at the same time provide imaging and spectral accuracy right down to the lowest levels where the REAL life essence of information resides. The abilities of Alumiloy wire combined with the noise rejecting properties of our engineered cable designs allows for the highest level of performance from the lowest cost UltraConductors on up to the well refined abilities of the various models of The Superconductor® series and our finest Aluminata Series, a world reference in cable design; with a true improvement in refinement and resolution from model to model, yet a similar 'house sound' so familiar to those who own JPS cables over time.

Clarity without brightness, detail without harshness, extension of frequency extremes- all from something as simple as the addition of very well engineered length of cable- that's JPS...

If you are a manufacturer seeking an edge above the competition, contact us for more information on Alumiloy conductors designed specifically for internal use to noticeably improve upon the resolution of any quality design. Any well designed ABX test will confirm what we do to be true- it is ALL we do. Material Science, Electrical Engineering, and over 30 years of subjective listening, all combined into one company- JPS Labs.