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30 years of Audio Excellence!!!

JPS Labs has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of audio aficionados one customer at a time. Our success and commitment has never wavered from one common theme...



The ability to communicate the musical message and soul of the performance was demonstrated in a most overwhelming way.


At the end of the day, all I can say is that the Aluminatas are, without a doubt and by a significant margin, the best audio cables I’ve used.

Art DudleyStereophile

This wire opens up a whole new category of cable and is a very significant contribution to the enjoyment of recorded music.


Our Cables...

AC Cables
JPS Labs AC cables have proven time and time again how important an interface this single cable provides to the overall performance.
Clarity and extended dynamic range of our conductors combines with high frequency energy and noise control.


These are superb components in their own right and when you think about it, your system is really only as good as its weakest link. If you are presently listening to your signal chain with lesser cabling, you may have no idea just how good your system can sound.


These cables made a substantial difference in my system, and I recommend that you give them a try if you are looking to bring your gear to the next level of performance.


One thing I’ve found. If one day a window of opportunity presents itself, say in the form of an audition from a local dealer, or that amp you always wanted -- whatever will increase your enjoyment of music, and life, just do it -- you may not get a second chance. And once you are satisfied with the results, share some sweet-spot time with others. The rewards make it all worthwhile.

Joe SkubinskiJPS Labs

ABYSS headphones

A division of JPS Labs LLC, ABYSS® designs, CNC machines, skillfully assembles, and distributes the finest headphones in the world from our Buffalo, New York, USA facility. These headphones with our patent-pending planar drivers are unlike any other and rival the sound of the finest of two channel systems. If you're downsizing or at times prefer private listening these are absolutely where you want to be...

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StackZilla racks

A division of JPS Labs LLC, StackZilla(TM) designs, CNC machines, finishes, and sells high quality high performance solid aluminum low profile platforms and shelves for headphone enthusiasts around the world. Your personal audio gear never looked this good!

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