Super Aluminata AC Cable

$12,500.00 $14,999.00

Our Finest AC Cable hand-made to order by our skilled craftsman encompasses everything JPS Labs preaches in high performance AC cable design. Custom made high purity cooper alloy conductors wrapped in a unique flexible Kapton jacket allows for the subtle details beyond the ability of most high end systems for effortless frequency extremes. 

We surround the entire cable with a particles copper shield, a REAL shield (not some foil or thin braid like every other cable on the planet), a high density noise absorbing non magnetic protective shield that not only blocks and absorbs any noise contamination but also mass loads the cable to prevent vibrations from traveling into the connected gear. 

In essence, this cable is DEAD QUIET, so much so you will hear silence between the note like never before.

Terminated with rhodium plated copper wall and IEC plugs with polished stainless steel bodies, later engraved with our logo and individually serial numbers, each cable comes packaged in a laser engraved aluminum case touting the JPS Labs logo and Super Aluminata name with matching serial numbers to the cable within. Each cable comes with a stamped and signed Certificate of Authenticity from JPS Labs, with raised blue lettering, gold leaf accents all around, signed by the designer, Joe Skubinski.

The ultimate expression of our ability to make the best in cables backed by 30 years ok knowhow. Super Aluminata is an investment in your system to last a lifetime.