JPS Labs Rave Reviews

Over the last 30 years JPS Labs has touched thousands of professionals and hundreds of thousands of customers, worldwide. Our brand is synonymous with the highest quality cables and sound. Here is but a sample of the many fine reviews we've earned over the years...

Superconductor V and Kaptovator Lite Cables- Matej Isak

Digital AC-X Power Cord- Steven Plaskin

The Aluminata Series- Stereophile Magazine- Art Dudley

Aluminata Series- Unparalleled Clarity- Stereo Times- Don Shaulis

The Aluminata Series - Inner Ear Magazine- Ernie Fisher

The Superconductor 3 Cable Loom- 6 moons- John Potis

JPS Labs Aluminata Speaker Cable (Thailand)

JPS Labs Aluminata (Thailand)

JPS Aluminata cables used in the reconstruction of Wilson Audio master tapes

Ultra Conductor 2 interconnects and speaker cables- EnjoyTheMusic- Alfred R. Fredel

Power AC In-Wall cable for dedicated AC lines - Enjoy The Music

The Superconductor 3 interconnects and speaker cables- HiFi+ Magazine- Alan Sircom

Aluminata RCA Interconnects- Hi-Fi+ Magazine- Jason Kennedy



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