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JPS Labs Aluminata Biwire Speaker Jumpers (set of 4)

Original price $1,500.00
Original price $1,500.00 - Original price $2,000.00
Original price $1,500.00
Current price $1,000.00
$1,000.00 - $1,500.00
Current price $1,000.00

Aluminata jumpers are designed to connect the bass and mid/high terminals of your high performance loudspeaker in a near perfect manner. Constructed with our huge 5 AWG/16.8 mm2 Alumiloy® conductors (as used the the mating Aluminata speaker cables) these very stiff solid core jumper leads offer the finest connection when using a non-biwired single run speaker cable. Sold in a set of 4 jumpers, one pair for each speaker.

Spades are a large rhodium plated copper with 9 mm opening size, locking banana's are JPS Labs brand that tighten into the hole of the speaker terminals.

Note: Because these spades are quite stiff they come pre-bent into a 'C' shape to nearly match the terminal spacing on your speakers. Some adjustment to their shape will be necessary. Also, each loudspeaker is different in the way they connect to cables. For example, due to having plastic shrouds that only allow a certain spade size, clear plastic coated WBT speaker posts will ONLY accept the locking banana version of these jumpers, while WBT bare copper posts will accept either termination. Some loudspeaker have sunken post that make it difficult to connect speaker cables much less these jumpers.

If you are unsure as to fit on your particular loudspeakers we suggest to contact us with your loudspeaker make and model to confirm fit.

Be sure to hold each connector end where it meets the wire portion with your thumb and forefinger, and using two hands slowly bend the jumper to very closely match the hole spacing.

DO NOT use the speaker terminal to hold the jumper while bending. DO NOT force the spade or banana to fit into the speaker terminal. Take the time to precisely shape the jumpers, install as you would your speaker cables, then snug all connections by hand only as instructed by the loudspeaker manufacturer.