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Super Aluminata

Super Aluminata Series

JPS Labs created a line of cables designed for those who wish to invest in the finest cables available to last a lifetime.

Each Super Aluminata cable is hand-made in the USA with our proprietary Alumiloy® conductors in a very dense shield designed specifically for music to flow from the source to your ears in a most natural way.

Super Aluminata RCA

Super Aluminata interconnects blanket the entire cable interior with fine pure copper powder for a compact and flexible yet most effective way to protect the delicate signal from outside interference. No added brightness or hardness, no hiss or hum, just smooth notes and natural timbre trialing off in time.

Super Aluminata XLR

JPS Labs custom RCA and XLR connectors with heavy rohodium plated contacts and perfect fit and finish to the hand made cable always insure a perfect connection and a lifetime of clear pure sound.

Super Aluminata AC

Super Aluminata AC is to power as an anechoic chamber is to acoustics. Each and every component powered through these cables goes completely black in backgrounds, leaving amazing subtle smooth detail to flow from recordings never before realized. Polished stainless and rhodium, pure copper particle shield, impeccable quality.


Super Aluminata Speaker Cables

Super Aluminata Speaker Cables are the largest specialty cables available. With huge Alumiloy conductors, they can pass 30,000 watts of power, yet allow for amazing delicacy and lightning speed to sound from the lowest of bass notes on up beyond audibility

We machine our own spades designed specifically for these cables from solid blocks of pure copper then add a layer of rhodium for a maintenance free finish. There is no better way to connect an amplifier to your high performance loudspeakers.

JPS Labs Super Aluminata allows the finest high performance systems to perform beyond their design goals, bringing the performance into your room. The World's Finest Cables for the World's Finest Systems. With over 30 years in the industry, this is what we do, this is JPS Labs.

[Super Aluminata are limited production available only from a select group of JPS Labs retailers or factory direct- Contact Us for more info]

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