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Superconductor 3

Superconductor 3 has retired. Superconductor 4 is the new current model.



Perpetuating the Superconductor tradition in their unique ability to bring out the life essence of musicality, these highly refined high-end cable designs bring an amazing level of audible resolution with a wealth of musical information.

superconductor 3

Analog Audio RCA Cable

Consisting of analog RCA, balanced XLR, digital audio interconnects, and speaker cables, the Superconductor 3 series of cable allows for the highest amount of natural clarity ever conveyed from any high-end cable design. By taking critical design elements from our finest Aluminata Series (, JPS Labs created a cable that takes the listener audibly back through the recording chain-- direct to the source.

RCA Digital (using WBT Nextgen) and Balanced XLR Digital Audio

JPS trademark Alumiloy conductors in a noise rejecting precision quad lay topology designed to reject low to high frequency noise and the very difficult to reject magnetic noise. Unique use of medical grade kapton dielectrics applied to JPS’s stringent specifications minimize audible interaction with our optimized custom Alumiloy conductors. Superconductor 3 maintains proper timbre and timing across the entire frequency spectrum, keeping true to deep dynamic bass, clean yet full midrange and vocals, and clear highs, without noise, edge, or brightness. Sound flows through these cables coherently and effortlessly.

The Superconductor 3 reveals a tremendous amount of subtle detail throughout the audible range. Similar to the analogy of cleaning a dirty window to better reveal what’s on the other side, these cables allow for a stunning level of clarity and balance to music. This dramatic improvement in full spectrum resolution makes recorded music more listenable as the system itself simply amplifies the source material rather than shifting tonality in unpredictable ways, forever smearing the harmonic nature of instruments and vocals as with all other cables.

And of course we didn’t forget the shield, only this time we’ve added some flex. A shield topology custom designed like only JPS can, rejecting all forms of noise, hum, and hiss from external and inherent sources to the highest degree of any audio cable design on the planet (bettered only by our Aluminata Series).

These are some seriously good interconnects, and when combined with any good gear will provide a near perfect path for music with all emotions intact.




The Superconductor 3 speaker cables were designed from the inside out to show the best attributes of any good loudspeakers. From your first listen you'll hear vocals in a most natural presentation; they are in the room with you.

What first strikes any listener is the cables ability to allow for dynamic and detailed reproduction of bass, with speed and depth far beyond the expectations of the speaker. With midrange and highs, rather than forcing instruments forward and in your face, Superconductor 3 will increase space toward the back of the soundstage (depth) while placing each player in their proper perspective. Space between and around each is evident, such that each player is allowed to expand and decay in time and space. Any complex recorded music can be easily disseminated or enjoyed as a whole, while the most basic are just downright fun to have as welcomed guests.

These are seriously good speaker cables providing any loudspeakers with instantaneous power from any sized amplifier. Their huge 5 AWG/16.8 mm2 conductors means no limitations with demanding speakers or longer lengths, while our Alumiloy wire allows for maximum subtle nuance with low power tube gear, high sensitivity loudspeakers, or low volume listening. Tube or solid state amps equally enjoy these non-reactive nature of these high performance cables.


The Superconductor 3 series allows any good system to convey the full natural emotion of the artists, bringing you that much closer to the original performance. You want live vocals, you want to hear the kind of bass drum being played, the skin material, the hardware, or pick out the brand of cymbals, it’s all in the recording. In fact it’s quite amazing what that we can extract, presented in a most natural, human way.

The Superconductor 3 will take you well beyond where you thought you could go and create an inspirational desire to take it to a higher level, a good addiction for sure. Exercise your imagination, and Listen, Clearly, Always...