JPS Labs

JPS Labs Power AC IN-Wall Cable

$37.50 $40.00

JPS Labs created the first high performance bulk power cable designed to be installed from your mains breaker panel to the outlets in your room, or from outlet to outlet. Sold by the foot, Power AC In-Wall has been the choice of audiophiles for nearly 20 years to improve clarity and reduce background noise and grunge. Equivalent to a high-end AC cable designed for in-wall use, this cable addresses issues inherent in home wiring and offers a far better path for power in consideration of the needs of high performance audio video systems.

Flexible, finely stranded 2 x 10 AWG copper alloy conductors, plus ground. Twisted design rejects noise. O.D. 0.6" (1.5 cm). UL®/CSA/FT-1 105C 600V VW-1 rated. Made in USA. We always recommend professional installation by those qualified in your area.

Comes as one continuous cut to length cable per order quantity. NO RETURNS. PRICE IS PER FOOT length of cable (per ~0.3 meters). QUANTITY IS PER FOOT (PER 0.3 METER). MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY IS 10 FT.